As I reflect on the state of the distressed businesses on Main St, the revivification of a wounded company requires us to understand and respect that there are human beings who work (worked) at a wounded company and need plenty of support, revival and optimism, which might be hard to come by, especially in a world where media attention is heavily skewed towards tracking and reporting out of context, insignificant details.

I am an Activist Turnaround Manager (ATM, pun intended), drawing inspiration from how to be an effective Owner’s Rep, a prominent role the construction industry. See the attached art work that describes the various hats worn by the owner’s role that are performed as a dynamic dance. I envision that the Owner’s Rep potential exists in every human being and it thrives in a multi-cultural environment. The journey to realize the Owner’s Rep potential is a journey, not a destination.

That said, the Owner’s Rep potential has to be tapped from within the individual during a conscious choice to pursue self-awareness and transformation. While the “what” of Owner’s Rep might be easy to convey as set of words, the “how” of Owner’s Rep can be somewhat non-trivial since it takes work.

I intuitively feel that “Art + Therapy + Solution-Focus” is a creative collaboration of like-minded individuals who would like to make an entrepreneurial connection, integrate their knowhow and passion, and deliver a unique service offering that coaches customers to examine indvidual blindspots, replenish depleted emotional bank accounts and incorporate a solution-focused mindset while walking the baby steps towards becoming an Owner’s Rep and having fun along the way while enhancing entrepeneurial capitalism.

Let us also keep in mind that when a company is “wounded”, “Art + Therapy + Solution-Focus” enables us to bring an Emergency Room (ER) mindset in the battle between corporate life and death, through a more astute focus on the people, leaving the financial arithmetic to other experts while busting any silos that disregard human talent at the bottom of the pyramid.